The Box.

We impart your team with the guidance, knowledge and advice necessary to succeed; outside of industry confines.

From idea to deployment and beyond, we help you streamline development, build agility, and maximize the value of your IT investment, all while pushing boundaries and establishing new standards.

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Are you looking to connect legacy infrastructure to a modern platform?
Or do you need to quickly implement technologies and applications into production? Each strategy needs a plan.
We can help you map it out.


We share our extensive open source knowledge directly with your teams to create governed, predictable automation workflows across your organization.


We guide your teams to modernize and streamline cloud-native app development with containers. Deliver apps faster and stay competitive.


We help you evaluate and implement the solutions that work best for you. Deliver quickly and improve efficiency while reducing costs -- setting you up for a sucessfull launch!

In-class Lessons

Digital leaders aren’t just automating their existing workflows—they’re learning to create shared value with automation. This means getting beyond task automation, and refocusing towards the cross-team outcomes of better IT agility and reliability.

We can help you identify and implement effective and creative ways in which to create an effective learning environment.

Your organization may be automating some aspects of IT already, but do you qualify in an advanced or beginning stage? Take the online assessment to find out, identify next steps, and get resources to support your progress.

Remote Lessons

We bring the class to you! No more early commutes, no more late-night classes. If you can't make it to onsite training or if you simply prefer a virtual classroom, we will deliver the IT courses to you.

  • With our IT training partners, we offer you and your employees access to the world's best IT instructors - at any time of the day, at any place in the world.
  • Our classes utilize a blended, hybrid approach that combines instructor-led courses with online materials that are always at hand.
  • As the official learning partner of our collaborators, we are authorized to grant valuable certificates of completion of our IT courses.
  • We provide skills for a future where everything is digital, automated, and connected. From small local classes to free online training, we give you the tools you need to stay relevant.

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The Team

Our team have a powerful role to play in rethinking the nature of work, enabling hybrid teams to thrive, and setting a new precedent for digital innovation across their organizations.

Hover/scroll through the team and find more information about each, as well as projects they're currently working on.

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Greg Rocha

Product Engineer

Donnovan Bem

Creative Consultant

Mark Roude

Full Stack Developer

Jennifer Zubeck


Sam Riad

B/E Developer

Linda Thompson

Graphic Designer

Niel Soon

Education Assisstant

Stan Rockwell

Education Admin


The online membership includes unlimited access to our online learning management system. Customize your online training program with our innovative tools and features, with access to new courses released monthly.

1 Year Commitment

Billed Monthly
$ 6

20 Users Minimum

100+ Courses

No Setup Fee

1 Year Commitment

Billed Monthly
$ 5

10 Users Minimum

50+ Courses

No Setup Fee

3 Year Commitment

Billed Monthly
$ 4

10 Users Minimum

50+ Courses

No Setup Fee